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Standard configurations, etc. can be made as specials in various types of materials; aluminum-5052, 6061 and other grades of stainless steel-- Type 321, Type 347, Type 304. Low carbon steel, copper, and brass fittings can also be produced.

The standard bend radius on all BRAZETYTE® fittings is 1-1/2 times the tube outside diameter. If required however other radii are also available-2 times tube O.D., 2-1/2 times tube OD, 3 times tube OD, etc.

While the standard line is available as 45 bends, 90 bends and 180 bends, other bend angles can be produced, example: 22-1/2 , 30, 60, 75.

The end to center or straight tangents noted in other pages of this web site are the standard lengths available. However, variations in these dimensions are possible. Generally speaking, it is wise to utilize a straight tangent before and after the bend equal to at least 2 times the tube outside diameter in order to minimize cost, fittings can be produced with shorter tangents but costs will be higher.

Typical Special Configurations
Combination configurations other than those shown are also available-
"S" fittings, Offset fittings, "J" fittings, "U" fittings. These styles generally involve two bends
per fitting and are illustrated in the sketches below:
Typical Special Configurations

Our Special Order Department has facilities available to produce complex tube assemblies involving multiple bending, single and double flaring to industrial or military specifications, beaded ends, pressure testing, welding and many other operations. Requirements of this type generally will require submission of a detailed drawing showing all construction features. Assistance in the preparation of such drawings is available upon application.

In the final analysis, Truly Tubular Fitting Corporation stands ready to furnish all types of connectors that can be fabricated from thin wall tubing, used in either fluid handling or structural systems. Our highly specialized, unique facilities are available for the production of any tubular component that may fall within the broad scope of our capabilities.

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